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          Hello, Welcome To Suzhou Prayone M&E Co., Ltd ! 中文版 | English
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          01Focused and professional
          Focus on precision metal processing for 16 years, specializing in the follow-up deep processing of steel pipe / aluminum pipe ……
          02Production and processing
          The bending technology is particularly prominent. The numerical control technology is used to realize the bending, push bending……
          03Widely used
          It is mainly used in automobile industry, wire drawing factory, agricultural machinery, elevator, medical treatment, parking lot, etc.
          At present, the main products include steel wire take-up rack, non motor vehicle parking rack, office tables and chairs, folding bed, etc

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          About Us

          About Us

          Suzhou Prayone M&E Co., Ltd. specialized in the design, fabrication, and assembly of mechanical and structural tubing, and of tubular steel products. The main products including wire carriers, bike racks, folding bed, me...

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